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And Breathe..

Last week we spent a few days away in west Wales. Those of you who know the area will quickly recognise St David's cathedral nestled in the smallest City. It was our first holiday since pre Covid in November 2019 - when we came to the same place.

I have a very strong connection to Pembrokeshire with holidays there from when I was 5, to my parents moving to Solva in the 1980's, having built a house there in the valley of the river in the 1970's.

We arrived on a beautiful day with a fabulous sunset but the next two days were very Welsh - just a tad wet and very, very windy. We drove about and visited the little villages and had coffee and cake to warm up.

On our last day we went down to Whitesands and I finally managed some swift sketching. It was sunny but cold and the wind repeatedly flipped the pages of my books over, despite the bulldog clips!

My sketches aren't detailed or my sketchbooks fancy. I simply loosely record what interests me in a way that I understand. That's what sketchbooks usually are, an aide memoire , a way to remember what was there.

Many artists produce wonderful sketchbooks full of exciting images whereas mine are slap dash inky pages which I love and which are always hard to reproduce in a finished piece in the studio - the ultimate aim.

Now I am back to the studio and picking up the brushes again after a quick tidy. New canvas's will arrive next week and the cycle of new work will begin again.

I'll leave you with a photo of the sunset on our first evening away...

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