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Artist Statement


My inspiration is experience of landscape, an individual response to time and space. I am often reflective, finding solitary places emotional and providing me with time for thought. 


Working with rough sketches and written notes made in the field, and often merging them together with half remembered landscapes and thoughts, these build into final works in the studio. 


The work includes no human form or construction although lines worked may conceivably follow lines of some connection. 


Many layers of paint and drawn media can be built up and removed in an ever changing image before it resolves itself to a piece that I feel has something to say. 


Titles of my works often reflect the thoughts behind or beside the work, rather than having direct connection with what you see, thereby giving you an open page to fill with your own thoughts. A title as a starting point for you to have your own experience with the work.

“The viewer is left with an undeniable  sense of being a bystander to nature, a spectator to its force and unpredictability. In her observations and execution, Zoe gives us a heightened reality and a very real feeling of movement and transience. An aesthetic celebrating the temporary alongside the ancient delivers works of commanding strength and attraction.’ 


 - Howard Clegg, The Stratford Gallery exhibition catalogue 2017.



“Stormy, moody, calm and peaceful. We each seek and find our own place within them”.


-  Sonia Pang, Gallery at Home ’In Other Skies’ exhibition 2019

image00038 (1).jpeg


Born in 1957 in Staffordshire, England, Zoe’s artistic focus has always been landscape. She has an affinity with wild, wide views and infinite skies.


She renewed her love of paint following a City & Guilds textile course in the 1990’s where one of her tutors was an important influence.


Greatly encouraged by winning an RBSA Open painting award for her whole submission at the start of her painting career, she has gone from strength to strength and has been offered annual solo exhibitions at several galleries from 2017 onwards.


Her work is exhibited at various galleries throughout the UK and is held in private collections around the world. 

Exhibitions 2023
Spring Tide - Livingstone St Ives, Clifton, Bristol April
AAF Battersea (with The Stratford Gallery) March
Selected Exhibitions  2013 - 2022
Single person show The Stratford Gallery August 13 
AAF Battersea (with The Stratford Gallery) March 10-13
Backdrop to Akiko Hirai and Ania Perkowska - Bevere Gallery - Feb
Same Difference with Nik Taylor - Gallery at Home - November
The Landscape - Twenty Twenty Gallery - October
SEA - Portside Gallery - 25 Invited Artists - Sept
AAF Battersea ( with The Stratford Gallery) July
From Day to Day - Solo Show - The Stratford Gallery -July
Christmas Show - Twenty Twenty - Winter 
Hidden Gems - Gallery at Home - Winter
Ongoing : Pause - Solo Show The Stratford Gallery - Autumn 
Conversations - Twenty Twenty Gallery - April
In Other Skies - Solo Show Gallery at Home - October 
Earthbound Skies - The Stratford Gallery -August
The Stratford Gallery - Winter Exhibition    
Boughton House, Lovelock Millar Gallery - December
Winter Landscapes - Twenty Twenty Gallery - Winter                          The Hampshire Art Fair Nadia Waterfield Fine Art - October              

Featured Artist Bevere Gallery- Worcester - Autumn 

SKY - Solo Show Stratford Gallery - August  

Coast I and II, Twenty Twenty Gallery - June  
Coast and Gardens NGS Open Garden - June  
Fountain Fine Art, Llandeilo - (with Seren Bell) - May
The Lion Street Gallery - Mixed Exhibition - February  
The Stratford Gallery - Winter 
Purple Gallery - seasonal show
Fountain Fine Art - Winter Group Show 
Bevere Gallery for WOS - August 
EXPANSE - Solo Show Stratford Gallery - August
Coast and Gardens NGS Open Garden
Purple Gallery - seasonal shows


The Stratford Gallery - opening exhibition - November

'Glimmer' Little Buckland Gallery - Nov

'Coast and Gardens' NGS Open Garden - Jun

Broadway Open, Little Buckland Gallery

Stratford Art Fair - May

Purple Gallery - seasonal shows


RWA Bristol 163 Open - Oct

Purple Gallery - seasonal shows

'A Sense of Place' Art Barn, Henley in Arden 

Bevere Gallery - supporting ceramics Graduate Show                                           


Purple Gallery - Seasonal Shows

RBSA Friends - Autumn

RBSA Friends - Spring


Purple Gallery - seasonal shows

RBSA Open All Media

RBSA Friends - Autumn

RBSA Prize

Bevere Show - supporting Ceramics Now

RBSA Open All Media - Spring

RBSA Friends - Spring


RBSA Open All Media - Winter

RBSA Friends - Autumn

Toad House Open Studio

Gallery Representation

(click on gallery to open link)

Bevere Gallery

Gallery at Home

Gallery 54

Gallery Top 

Goat Street Gallery

The Lion Street Gallery

The Stratford Gallery 


galleries may not have any of my work available so please contact myself or them before making a special journey



Broadway Arts Festival Open

- Very Highly Commended


Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

- Spring Friends Exhibition Highly Commended (whole submission)


Royal Birmingham Society of Artists

- Autumn Friends Exhibition Highly Commended (whole submission)


Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Prize   - Friends Exhibition 


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